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About M.M.P High School

Behind any successful person, experiment, Institute or society is its glorious history is the witness of its achievements and rise and fall. The history of the success of M. M. Piperdiwala high school situated at Botawala Marg, Near teen batti, Rander, was established by two brothers late Haji Hashim Ibrahim Piperdi and Haji Ismail Ibrahim Piperdi in the year 1866 with a view to giving religious and Primary education (to the community )

With a view to satisfying the basic necessity of children’s education and progress from time to time this institute was giving free education from 1866 to 1896 Earlier this institution was providing religious education but to remain in time with the time it started up to fourth standards in Gujarati medium and up to third standards in English medium and ten started a Middle School.

When education was not given importance in Gujarat state students from the whole state were coming and staying in the hostel run by this institutes. Even the former high level government officers used to live in this hostel

The Shah merchants late Mr. Hasam Sir and Ismail Ibrahim Piperdiwala Sir from Burma established the trust of worth Rs. 5,00,000 and buiilt this glorious building In 1895 the glorious building In 1895 the grandson of Piperdiwala family late Mr. Ahmed Azam Esmail Sir who was known as “Haji sahib”; and still today people know him as “Madressa Haji Saheb”was appointed as trustee Haji Sir and our institute were the two sides of the same coin. The main reason for this was Haji Sir was so intimately associated with this institution, It seemed that high tide of spontaneous feeling was flowing selflessly.

Because of his wide vision and after starting the middle school; Haji Sir made up his mind to give shape to these efforts for spreading education with the help of his enthusiastic and positive attitude. As a result of that in 1921 up to metric means std 1 to 7 in English medium was given permission by the government. And this Haji Sir’s historic dream came true and he became a person at eminence in the society.

After that in 1976 the higher secondary section including all three streams was started. In science stream laboratory was prepared at the cost of Rs. 1,00,000 on the huge ground of the high school M. M. Piperdiwala English Medium School was started in order to satisfy the need of English language. For starting English medium section, the credit goes to Mr. Yusuf Ismail Sir (Canada) and M. S. E. Angullia wakaf (Singapore) from Mr. M. E. Gangat family the huge M. E. Gangat Memorial Hall was built with the help at this, till today, we are able to perform innumerable programmes and co-curricular activities.

Our school was given the centre for arranging the practical exams of 12th Science by Gujarat Secondary Board. Computer education has also been given here since 1996.

In 1970 another building was built named A.A.Mulla and M.A.Nana Girls” High school with a view to giving education specially to girls. During the down fall of this institute all the well wishers from South Africa, Mr. Suleman E. Vaid, Sir Sheth Ismail Kasam Valod Sir, Dr. A. A. Mulla Sir and his family members, co-operated this institute and the administrator Mr. Ismail Kathrdoe Sir and except that all the known and unknown donors helped financially, considering this institute as their own family.

We can’t neglect Haji Sir’s service, sacrifice and love for the institution. But his death brought void in all the directions. His eldest son late Aazam Ahmed Esmail Sir did his job with too much rest and took his father’s place with devotion. And till the end he continued serving this institute. This is how he set an example of successful administration.

In 1942 the war of Rangoon dreadfully affected Rander. This phase affected our Institute financially. The property at Burma was destroyed and the source of donation to our trust also stopped. Such a delicate situation aroused that we were compelled to close the school. In this difficult situation the teaching staff of the school and our all the employees collecting funds from village to village didn’t allow to destroy the strong will-power of the administrators, And they helped as much as they could. Which was the pillar of strength for our institute.

Today M.M.P. Charitable Trust is spreading its fragrance in all the directions like a huge tree. On its each bough we can see But the bunches of sweet & juicy fruits. Its history is full of sacrifice, worries hardships, difficulties, economical downfall and challenging situations. After knowing its glorious history there is certainly a feeling of respect towards this institute. The dedicaticer of Haji Sir and other famous personalities inspire us to say Salam” to them. May Allah send them to heaven Aamin. This institute is their dream. So let’s give it a new direction height dream. So let’s give it a new direction and strength of progress with the help of our continuous efforts. So as we pray to Allah Jalle-Shanahu.